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Ready or Not

image image image imageLast post until IRONMAN Ecuador is in the books. I’m pretty concerned about how I will do because of:  56 hours traveling, no pre swim in the ocean, unknown if wetsuits will be allowed, bike got assembled with an hour until checkin and seat felt off and all the basic international foriegn country race concerns.   The plus side – the boys are super excited for their first IRONMAN.  Very crowded (actually sold out) but few from US.   I’m excited to see how I do before IRONMAN Arizona in November.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me both emotionally and by donating. I’m still raising money to reach my goal AND for a good cause!

A special call out to Nicholas Owens, Matt Reinhardt and all Firefighters battling our forest fires, all the patients at Craig Hospital and my husband/kids!  I will be thinking about you throughout my race. You will be my inspiration!!

Ready or Not here I go!


Bikes Arrived!

image image imageWe got the other two bikes today plus are two missing suitcases!  Took us a while to assemble everything but it is done.

Ironkids = Gray was Fast!

image imageimage imageimageGray had a great time doing the IRONKIDS race and turns out he really was fast!  Below are some good photos.

Made it – Minus 4 Bags!

We finally made it to Manta after 56 hours of travel/living in the airport!  We are sore and tired. Four bags didn’t make it – including two bikes. Of all things, my bike made it. I have everything I need (if my body recovers)!  The rest of the family isn’t so lucky. Taylors bike we were bringing down for him and Russ’ didn’t make it. $600 to gave no clue where your stuff is. Thanks United!  Ashley has no clothes but luckily she can where some of mine.

IRONMAN is working to try and find us two bikes.  They have been great.  We did have one accident though when a sign fell on Grayson and cut his leg and broke his sunglasses.  He has shaken it off!  Tomorrow he is doing the IRONKIDS race which should be fun .  He has a shirt and wrist band which makes him feel official too!

I am very surprised with how many buildings are destroyed/damaged from the earthquake.  You walk the ocean and most buildings are empty like the one pictured below.
imageimage imageimageimage

Good night all!  Going to go sleep in a bed for the first time in 3 days!


In Ecuador BUT ….

We finally made to Ecuador but two bikes and 2 pieces of luggage didn’t make it. Very sad. We are in a crowded airport at 2:40 in the morning and no place to relax/sleep. Even if the bikes make it you have to wonder if we will be up for the race. imageimage Continue reading

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

We started our journey to Ecuador yesterday at 8 AM. Three bikes, 7 pieces of luggage/backpacks and 32 hours later we are only in Atlanta! We got delayed leaving Denver and missed our connection in Houston. We couldn’t stay in Houston because no flights available to Ecuador until Friday. Got to Atlanta around 1 this morning. Now we sit waiting for a 6 PM Flight to Quito. Praying we make it and so do our bikes. Once in Quito we will get a flight to Manta. Unknown of our arrival time on Friday.

Now I Must have a good showing at IRONMAN Ecuador! No messing around!

Dedication Time

With 6 days left before IRONMAN Ecuador, it is time to dedicate my race.  Like a triathlon that is divided into 3 distinct sports- swim, bike and run – so is my dedication which allows me to stay focused and alert during each phase of the race.


Nicholas Owens

Nicholas Owens will be my focus and on my mind during the swim.  His incredible positive attitude and contagious smile will help me to stay positive and not be scared as a tackle the water and waves.  Nicholas tackles all his challenges by maintaining a positive outlook.  He is an incredible friend whom I care for deeply.

No matter how hard the bike becomes as I climb the hills surrounding Manta, I have to keep going.  As such, the bike portion of my race my focus will be on Matt Reinhardt and all the firefighters battling the many fires in our beloved mountains.   The firefighters work 16 hours a day, in blistering heat trying to maintain the flames and save the forest, homes and wildlife.  No matter how hard the bike portion is, it won’t come close to what they are battling!

For the run, I will be dedicating each mile to patients at Craig Hospital.  Craig Hospital treats spinal and brain injuries and has been a part of my life for over 30 years.  Craig Hospital is about pacing yourself and taking on each challenge one step at a time.

Finally, my transitions will be dedicated to my incredible husband and our 5 kids.  I have no idea how we do it at times but we always manage to get the tasks done and spend quality time together.  My transitions will be about quality time – get in and get out quickly!


There Goes the Wetsuit!

When do you know a wetsuit is too old to race in?  When your husband goes to help you get it over your butt and it tears in the process!   At least that is when I figured out that my wetsuit is done.  It was very good to me lasting many of races since 2006 – a solid 10 years!  With less than one week until I leave, time for me to find a wetsuit and pray I can get a swim race in next Tuesday before I leave.   Shopping begins tomorrow!

BTW – First taper week is feeling good.  I was so tired of training in the heat and needed a little break.  I am enjoying 1 hour workouts!   Feeling good!

Two Weeks to Ecuador!

A few weeks ago I did the Tri Bella Triathlon in order to get a “feel” for open water swimming and test my transitions.  My incredibly wonderful husband helped me a ton and took pictures to put together this video below!  A very special thanks to him, the love of my life!!

In two weeks we will be in Ecuador competing in IRONMAN Ecuador!  As you know, I race for a cause to benefit First Responders and give grants to those in need.  Please consider making a donation.  Thank you!


Tough Tough Tough Weekend

For anyone that knows me, you are aware I like the heat! It doesn’t bother me. However, after my recent diagnosis of skin cancer, I shouldn’t just be out in the sun without covering up and using sunblock. This weekend consisted of hours and hours of working out. Yesterday was 96 degrees while we were at Chatfield riding and running. It absolutely drained me and parts of my body broke out in a rash and in one area blisters. Then, I didn’t put my bike on the rack correctly before my run and my husband found my bike hanging from the car by just the back wheel. My bike is now at the shop getting the bent frame fixed!
I am trying not to be discouraged, but today the heat got the best of me. After 4 miles of running, I became extremely sick. So much for a long run. Here is a picture of one of my legs today.
Two weeks until Ecuador Ironman!

IMG_0237 (2)

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