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Hot Weekend!

This past weekend was torturous!  On Saturday, I ended up biking in 95 degree heat for 2.5 hours and then a 3 mile run.  I spent most of the run, talking myself into not quitting.  Russ was awesome allowing me to get my workout in.  He did swim for 30 minutes while Grayson played and I rested in the shade.

Sunday wasn’t much different, Russ was headed out for a long ride when he got a work call and had to bail on riding for his client.  I was then left with trying to get my run in while he worked so the evening workout could be his.  Running 10 miles in 97 degrees sucks!  Grayson got bored playing basketball and I got bored running in circles for 10 miles.  We both stuck it out until I was done.  His reward was a visit to friends and playing with their kitty!

I just need one more day each weekend so I can do stuff besides working out :-).  I hope everyone had a great weekend!IMG_0215 IMG_0216

I Need to Swim More!

I took the day off to go to 3 doctor appointments and get in two workouts. On the health side, I am on the first round of 3 month check-ups to stay cancer free. So far so good! I have also been immunized for Hep A, Malaria and Typhoid. Ecuador here I come!

I took a swim clinic today to see if I can start picking up some speed while staying a float! The lake/water was rough and cold. After 45 minutes of lecture and practice, we had a one mile race. The good news, I wasn’t last! The bad news, I was definitely in the rear! I am still struggling with that first 200 meters to find my rhythm. I am committed to more time open water swimming so I don’t drown in the Pacific Ocean.

I also did a 7 mile hilly course run in the heat of the day.  I figure heat training is just as important for Ecuador.  The run was very satisfying and felt great.  IMG_0202








Kristine Reinhardt is an Executive Vice President at  Cushman & Wakefield in Denver, Colorado and a back-of-the-pack triathlete who hopes to overcome the odds and achieve her dream of racing Ironman Kona while raising a boat-load of money for the Ironman Foundation.  If you like to make a donation  and help Kristine “Make a Difference” during her Quest4Kona, please click here.   Kristine can be reached at


IRONMAN Ecuador in 4 Weeks

In just less than 4 weeks, we will be in Manta racing IRONMAN Ecuador.  I will be racing with my husband and two of our boys, Travis and Taylor.  I also now have my uniform to wear in the race!P1580432

Happy 4th of July!

Today was a great day! The 4th of July holiday and a rest day for me! We went on a hike and spent the evening at the Outlaws game followed by fireworks! Happy Birthday America!

TriBella Triathlon

Last week, I raced in the TriBella Sprint Triathlon. My reasoning with doing this race was for the open water swim and the transitions. However, when I transitioned from the swim to bike, I found myself walking until someone ran past me.  I forgot it was a race!

I swam without my wetsuit (and yes, it was cold). I got in the water prior to the start, but when the gun went off I found myself struggling with the cold water and people swimming over me. I think it took me 100 meters to get some rhythm and find my pace. My bike was really strong and I felt good. The run went really well too. I felt like I could have run faster but I was running at my IRONMAN race pace.

All in all I am happy with the results.  I also realize, I need to do more swimming!







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