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Month: August 2016

Mornings are NOT my cup of tea!

20160815_181321Managed to get up this morning at 4:30 and was in the pool by 5:15!  I was surprised that every lane was full but Lane 1 (the shallow end).  Oh well, I took that lane.  I am sure the outside pool wasn’t much better.  I got my laps in and was  out and home by 6:40!  Now to eat again and get ready for work.

The picture is exactly how I feel about swimming in the morning – tired and not wanting to be there (or having a picture taken)!

Side note – Today I definitely feel pain in the very upper part of my leg where it connects to the butt.  I thought it was a bike issue, but maybe I hurt something.  I am going to monitor it for now.

Holy Cow – 12 Weeks!

In 12 weeks, I will be doing IRONMAN Arizona.  Where the heck did time go.  Of course, as I train I feel like I will not be ready.  All I can do is stick to my training schedule and I should finish.

This weekend (Saturday) I biked for 2.5 hours and then ran for 30 minutes.  I am having a lot of pain between my legs toward the butt.  I think it is a seat issue.  Hopefully the adjustments Russ made will help for my next long ride.  Today, Sunday, I ran.  I was going to run for 2 hours, but at one hour, 15 minutes, I had to quit.  Actually, I couldn’t even walk home, so Russ came and got me.  I was cramped up.  This is the second week were I can’t get the nutrition handled.  My body does not like sugar and it processes it immediately.

On the fundraising front, I have buckled down and am writing emails and letters.  It is critical that I contact over 1,000 people if I am going to hit my goal.  I really wish there was more time to everything done.

This picture is from the Andes in Ecuador  at 13,000 ft.  IMG_0633 2


It is time!  I must focus my attention to Fundraising.  I am competitive and I want this more than words can say.  I want IRONMAN Kona.  If I am going to get it, then I have to put the majority of my time to training and fundraising,  The IRONMAN Foundation does so much for so many people.  It is a Foundation so all the money raised goes to grants and specific causes.  I am making a difference, but until I get over $50,000 it won’t be enough.  I am taken all ideas if anyone wants to share some.

Training this week is going okay.  I am still having trouble getting to the gym to swim.  When I went this weekend, the indoor pool was being cleaned and was empty (of water)!  Crap.   I am surprised at how well the running is going.  I ran 4 miles tonight at a 11:33 pace.  That made me feel good.


The Results from Ecuador

I finally found the time to compare my IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder in 2014 to IRONMAN 70.3 2016 in Ecuador.  I am pleased with gaining over 30 minutes in my time!

Ecuador 2016                                                                                    Boulder 2014

Swim    49:54                                                                                       Swim     52:52

Bike       3:46:34                                                                                  Bike        4:01

Run        2:51:07                                                                                  Run         3:10:26

T1           5:54                                                                                          T1            8:45

T2            4:16                                                                                         T2            3:43

Total       7:37:45!!!                                                                           Total      8:16:48



Back to Serious Training

This past week, I went back to training “seriously” for IRONMAN Arizona in November.  Sunday thru Tuesday went great, but then Back-to-School night happened on Wed. and an Open House (work) on Thursday and before you knew it, I missed three days of working out.  I can’t let that happen.  I went into this weekend focus on working out.  Yesterday, I got in a 2:15 ride followed by a 45 min run.  I am worried about my biking.  My “basket” is still hurting a great deal when I ride.  I am going to make some seat adjustments.  I am not sure what the situation is.  Today I ran 7.5 miles.  I was shooting for 8, but got too hot and walked the last half mile.  Tonight I plan on laying out my schedule for this coming week.IMG_0651



A Rest Week?

After success in Ecuador, I thought a week off would be great. However, we have been hiking some of the coolest areas in Ecuador!  While pretty cold, The hikes have been intense and lasting most of the day.

imageimageimage imageToday we hiked up to 12,894 miles.  Exhausting but pleased with my time!

Success and Reflection

Family success yesterday!  Everyone did great and we are all moving (though slowly) today.  The entire race was amazing. The fans unbelievable. I must have high fived hundreds of kids. IRONMAN did an incredible job.

The swim overall was good. No wetsuits were allowed. We ran about 200 yards before entering. The waves were intense. Once in, I just swam. Found a pace that was comfortable and got to business. Once out we had a run of another 200-300 yards to our bikes.

The bike was  long and hot.  Road conditions good.  Climbing the hill out went ok but coming back was incredibly hard.  I felt like everyone was passing me.  My chain fell off and I am so proud of me for fixing it by myself.  I also got pulled over for a loose helmet but only lost 5 minutes.  Long hard ride.

Two long laps for the run.  I tried to run the whole thing just too tired and hot.  It was nice to see Russ (even got 2 kisses!) and the boys.

Lots of photos. image imageimageimage image