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Month: September 2016

Tic Toc the Clock Never Stops

I have said this multiple times, but I am still amazed that I have no time at the end of each day.  I wake up at 4-4:30 AM, eat, workout and then get to work.  I work late usually getting in 9-10 hours a day, then home to family.  Depending on everyone’s schedule I either eat, help with homework and then workout or I workout, eat and read to Grayson.  With luck I am in bed by 10:30 to start over again.  My work schedule is completely out of control.

I am going to pat myself on the back for getting the workouts in!  Sometimes it takes creativity like helping with homework while riding on my trainer, or playing a board game while running on the treadmill, or swimming at 5:00 AM when the family is sleeping.  I have every workout in my calendar from now until Race Day!   There are some travel days that are going to be tough to get in the workout, but with luck I can do it.  This week I started a new weight training circuit and am finding myself pretty sore.  I also upped my swimming to one hour sessions.  My first one hour block turned out to be a chore, it wasn’t about being tired but more about being bored.  I wish I could just dictate all my thoughts while I swim, bike and run.  If I did this, I would have written a few books by now.

Fundraising is almost at a stand still.  I am disappointed, but can’t find the time to shout to the world all the reasons why making a donation to the Ironman Foundation is needed.  I am excited to make a difference and hope I actually do.  I am kicking off a raffle in October and we are discussing have an Ironman Viewing Party for everyone.

Thanks for continuing to visit my blog.  I will try hard to post more.  Good Night!

Work, Workout, Fundraise, Repeat….

The weeks seem to be going so fast.  Every hour in the day is occupied with either work, working out, fundraising and, of course, family time (a little).  I try hard not to waste any time and to make use of early and late hours.

Last week, training went well.  I had a couple of really good runs; however, by Thursday was dealing with painful shin splints.  Today they seem better, but still a little linger so I am opting for no running until Tuesday.  I road outside yesterday for 3 hours.  I think my new seat is helping, just need to keep pushing myself to ride as fast as I can.  I’m swimming twice a week consistently and wondering if I should be doing three a week swims.

On Friday, I was very fortunately to raise $1,250!!  So great!  Wish I had more to write about, but really don’t.  Here is to another great week!  (10 weeks until the race!)img_0753

Good-Bye Labor Day – 11 Weeks and Counting

Boy do weekends go fast!  So much to do, so little time.  A lot was accomplished this weekend – family time, workouts done, bike refitted, bought a new seat, have a new weight and stretch routine, did some letter writing and emails for fundraising and managed to get some work caught-up.  Nice swim today at Greenwood.  The weather was perfect.  Today also marked 11 weeks until the big day!  Wow!8815-MMS-1473134711100-attachment1-2073727035


Today I spent most of my hours reaching out to family and friends asking for them to consider sponsoring me.  Perhaps this is your first visit to my site as a result of an email or letter.  I really don’t know what is harder – finding the time and energy to train or asking people to donate their hard earned money for a very worthy cause.  Please know that from my heart, I am truly grateful and appreciative.  Your donation does make a difference and helps others.   Thank you!!

I went to get my bike refitted today to see if the pain (in my butt) would subside.  It was worth it!  I now have a new seat and different set-up and I think it will really help!  Maybe I will be faster?  We will have to see!  I set out to ride, but the wind got the best of me and I quit knowing that I could ride my trainer indoors tonight.  Well, it is 9:30 and the trainer is empty.  Late dinner and Gray has a friend over who is spending the night.  I feel like tthCASCV77Yhe weekend is going too fast already!

If this is your first visit, keep coming back – occasionally I post some worthwhile stuff and some cool photos!thank-you[1]



Nice and Quite

IMG_0738IMG_0740On Monday, the pool was jammed with people by 5:15 AM.  Today, Friday, at 5:05  AM the pool was empty.  Nice and quite.  Had a really good swim and when I left there was only one other person.  Getting up at 4:30 AM to swim on a Friday is hard to do, but I am glad I did it!  Here is to a great day everyone!

The Weather is Changing

When a storm is brewing, I always have my trainer.  IMG_0730 IMG_0732

Reaching for my Dreams!

I am working so hard to Make a Difference on my Ironman Journey and to be an Inspiration to others!  I cannot tell you how much I think about achieving my goals.

Inspirational Quotes From Rudy