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Month: October 2016

Holy Crap! 4 Weeks!

Panic has set in.  We are in Mexico for Grayson’s Fall Break.  After spending the day traveling here, I went to the gym to run for 2.5 hours.  Needless to say, I got there too late, and could only run for 2 hours before they closed.  It was painful and I started second guessing what I am doing and what I have been working for.  I am scared.  I hope I will be ready for this.  If I didn’t have this constant stress of work and my workload, I would feel better.  I am traveling again (to DC) after I return from Mexico.  Ugh!  I can’t say no, so I have to make the best of it.  Last week, I missed two days of working out because I worked 13 hour days!  The balancing act is so hard.

My plan is to work out as much as I can while here in Mexico, while trying to spend time with Russ and Grayson.  There is a pool that I think will work out really nice for some swims.  I am pumped that I got another new seat for my bike and I think I have found the one that works!  Yea.  Very excited about it.  I also changed the tape out from dirty white to brilliant blue!  I love it!

If you are reading this and trying to decide – should I give money to Kristine for the Ironman Foundation?  YES is the answer.  I am racing to Make a Difference.  Service Through Sport, Commitment to Community.  All donations are needed and welcome.  Thank you!

Countdown begins.  Here I go!!img_0937img_0936img_0939 img_0940

An Empty Gym

img_0923 img_0924Yesterday marked six weeks until IM Arizona.  I found myself in Chicago and a little discouraged.  I had to cut my workout short on Sunday to catch my flight and then, as planned, didn’t workout on Monday.  The discouragement has come in my eating habits while here.  I have had big meals versus a lot of small meals.  Well, as of this morning, I feel a lot better.  I got up and to the hotel fitness center around 4:30 AM.  It was completely empty!  By the time people started showing up, I was done!  How cool is that.  The workout was great.  Sea level sure makes a difference!


Just 50 Days!

Happy October 1st!  I have just 50 days until Ironman Arizona!  Will I be ready?  Will I get enough training time?  I awoke this morning to the realization I need to be on my bike today for 4 hours.  It is only longer as each Saturday comes along until I have a 7 hour day on the bike.  It is cool this morning and I am not a fair weather rider.  I am going to procrastinate a little and tackle the 4 hours later in the day.  This past week training was good, not great though as I missed two one hour swim sessions.  Work, work and more work got in the way!  I am trying not to allow that to happen, but what a difficult time it is right now at work.

I have only 90 days to raise about $45,000.  I am really starting to gear up.  I am not doing this race for me, I am racing for the Community.  I am Racing for More!   Service Through Sport, Commitment to Community!   I am making a difference for so many – First Responders, Make a Wish, Meals on Wheels and more.  There are many who want to support just one organization, but my impact is for the Community which means a bigger challenge.

I need your help!!  Please consider supporting me by making a Donation to my Ironman Foundation page and encouraging me all the way to Ironman Arizona on November 20th!