Kristine's Quest 4 Kona

Failure is not an option

Month: January 2017

I am Going to Kona!!

I am very excited to report that I am going to Kona for Ironman Kona in October!!  As the top Fundraiser for the Ironman Foundation, I have been told “Kristine you are going to Kona!”  This statement brings tears to my eyes.  It was because of all of you and your donations that got me to this spot!  Now the real work begins (not that raising money was easy)!

I went on a run today and realized – I have let myself go.  Makes me sad that I let work become my sole focus and stopped working out.  Well, that is going to change too.  Work is super important to me, but starting on Tuesday I am not going to work 60+ hours each week.  I have to balance out my work and give some of that time to my family and me personally.   I guess that is a goal for 2017 – Balance my Life.

Thanks everyone for all your support.  I hope you will follow me on my Journey to Kona!  Happy New Year!


Good-Bye 2016

As I sit here with one hour to go before midnight, I have been reflecting on the year.  It has been a good year.

*I am still madly in love with my husband 🙂

*I successfully had all the skin cancer removed.

*The whole family is in good health.

*I reached an all-time fitness level (though not reflected on the scale and I am not there now).

*All the kids accomplished so much that makes me so proud to be their Mom/Mama K.

I think I could make the list long.  I feel very blessed and extremely thankful.