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Failure is not an option

Month: February 2017

I’m In

If you had asked me on Friday night if I was racing IRONMAN Boulder, the answer would have been no.  However, that really never set well with me.  My coach did some final analyzing of the pros and cons and, with the blessing and support of Russ, the decision has been made to train and prepare for IRONMAN Boulder.  I am so excited!!  Yea!  It motivated me to run and then swim today. 

A Big Decision

This week was my first week where I had to juggle long hours traveling to San Fran and fitting in my training.  I didn’t have a lot of notice before leaving, but luckily got to work through my training plan with Alison, my coach.  It worked out better than I anticipated.

I have always planned on racing IRONMAN Boulder.  However, when the realization of going to Kona set in, I started questioning if I should pak for Boulder and then have to peak again for Kona.  I also have to remember that Kona is the most important race of my life!  Let’s face it, peaking is NOT my specialty!  Anyways, somewhere along my journey, I decided I would do the swim and bike, but pull out before the run.  Then, when I was running the other day, I realized…I am not going to bust my ass to bike 112 miles and then say no to the run!  I live for the run.  I need the excitement of the run to get through the pain of the bike.  I really can’t see me “quitting.”  I am NOT a quitter!

Now a decision needs to be made – do I race IRONMAN Boulder or pass it up and just race the half?  Alison has laid out my training log and it looks manageable on paper.  However, the realization is that I have to MOVE my entire company and work some very long hours between now and May.  Would this all be just too much?  I want to race and have the challenge, so I have a decision to make this weekend.



I have been working on a video to submit to IRONMAN on why the should follow my journey to Kona.  While I finalized my writing on  why IRONMAN, I started reminiscing back to my rowing days!  What a great sport.  Mind you, I have a new love (IRONMAN) but rowing is good too (if you can balance in a scull).  Checkout this picture from Nationals in 2007.  Wow!

Today was a run day.  It was almost 60 degrees outside.  We went to the dog park so Eva could get exercise while Grayson rode his bike and Russ and I ran.  The run felt great and I am getting back a little of my base.  So, I am happy!


I spent today, like last weekend – trying to write something interesting and meaningful to IRONMAN regarding my Quest 4 Kona.   Russ has been videoing me running and biking (min



d you in the COLD) .  I am not really sure how I can express my passion for what I am doing.  Words and this blog do not seem like enough.  I know I have already made it to Kona, but the reality is I HAVE TO FINISH!  I have so much to say about my journey.  Hopefully it will be worth it.


I am trying to build my base right now.  It is a little hard when I have so much going on in my work life.   Next week I have to travel on business and my days will be long with little opportunity to work out.  In the end it will all workout.  The one thing I can assure everyone is that I am not a quitter.


One last thing – As you all know, I am racing Kona for Greg Morris.  He is one of my dearest friends.   Though I can’t see him yet, I hope to soon.  I plan on supporting him as much as he as supported me for the last 27 years.




Is it possible I like to swim?

Always glad that it is Friday – end of the long week and looking forward to a glass of wine (since no drinking during the weekdays)!  However, this Friday I kept thinking about the swim I had after work.  I wasn’t necessarily excited, but for the first time I wasn’t regretting it.  I have this training set that actually seems to make swimming not boring.  I don’t seem to mind it too much.  On top of that, I had Taylor and Russ swimming too in the lanes next to me (one on each side).  It is possible that I am starting to like swimming …. well, at least a little.

Looking back on the week, I got this incredible arrangement of flowers from some friends (THANK YOU AMY AND DAWN)!  The flowers are so incredibly beautiful.  The flowers came with a card congratulating me on making it the Ironman Kona!  The fact that someone gave me flowers for achieving a dream of making it to Kona makes me want to focus even more on my training.


Hiatus is Over-February is Here!

Hello February!  I took a month off to re-energize and do some deep thinking.  I was able to deal with some things that were really weighing heavy on me.  I feel great!!  My biggest accomplishment/decision in January was hiring a new coach, Alison Freeman!  I am excited to be partnering with her as I gear up for a great, no epic, year!  So excited and thankful to everyone that donated and to the Ironman Foundation.

So, February 1st found me on a “swim” day.  I spent  11 hours at work, then headed to the gym for 1200 meters in the pool.  It felt great!  I feel good.  I do have to lose some weight though.  Taking a month off created some bad habits like “Starbucks.”  I am slowly trying to eliminate Chia Tea from my daily intake.  Let’s see if I can drop 8 pounds this month.  Hopefully. 

I’m back!  Here is a great picture my son/husband took of me with their amazing new drone.