This week was my first week where I had to juggle long hours traveling to San Fran and fitting in my training.  I didn’t have a lot of notice before leaving, but luckily got to work through my training plan with Alison, my coach.  It worked out better than I anticipated.

I have always planned on racing IRONMAN Boulder.  However, when the realization of going to Kona set in, I started questioning if I should pak for Boulder and then have to peak again for Kona.  I also have to remember that Kona is the most important race of my life!  Let’s face it, peaking is NOT my specialty!  Anyways, somewhere along my journey, I decided I would do the swim and bike, but pull out before the run.  Then, when I was running the other day, I realized…I am not going to bust my ass to bike 112 miles and then say no to the run!  I live for the run.  I need the excitement of the run to get through the pain of the bike.  I really can’t see me “quitting.”  I am NOT a quitter!

Now a decision needs to be made – do I race IRONMAN Boulder or pass it up and just race the half?  Alison has laid out my training log and it looks manageable on paper.  However, the realization is that I have to MOVE my entire company and work some very long hours between now and May.  Would this all be just too much?  I want to race and have the challenge, so I have a decision to make this weekend.