I am a “back of the pack” triathlete trying to be a “world class” fundraiser and go to Kona in 2017!  I am very happily married with 5 children.   As an Executive Vice President and  Managing Broker for Cushman & Wakefield in Colorado,  I take pride in working for one of the top commercial real estate companies in the world for the past 28 years.

I love mentoring employees and helping them grow and reach their personal and professional goals.  Motivating people, family and myself is something that comes naturally for me and gives me tremendous energy.  I can definitely attest that one of the main factors that got me to the finish line for my first IRONMAN was my self motivation.  I had the love,  support and encouragement of my family and friends, but all the energy came from my mind being determined not to quit or give up.  It was one of the hardest challenges of my life.  Now I feel like I have to do better and push myself again to show everyone if you put your mind into a dream, you can make it happen.

Raising the money to be the top fundraiser on Team IMF and racing IRONMAN Kona in 2017 will mark my 10 year anniversary since getting spinal meningitis.  I did recover, for the most part, but have had  trouble with some things like my balance and “finding the right word” at times in a conversation.  To this day, I have tremendous trouble turning my bike to the right.  If making a sharp turn, I usually have to slow up and at times, get off my bike – or tip over.  So, finishing any IRONMAN is a task in and of itself.

I am truly blessed to have the best group of friends and a loving and caring family.  I am very thankful to my husband, Russ, for all his love and support along with my son, Matt, and all my step-children, Ashley, Travis, Taylor and Grayson.  I love you all so much!!