I spent today, like last weekend – trying to write something interesting and meaningful to IRONMAN regarding my Quest 4 Kona.   Russ has been videoing me running and biking (min



d you in the COLD) .  I am not really sure how I can express my passion for what I am doing.  Words and this blog do not seem like enough.  I know I have already made it to Kona, but the reality is I HAVE TO FINISH!  I have so much to say about my journey.  Hopefully it will be worth it.


I am trying to build my base right now.  It is a little hard when I have so much going on in my work life.   Next week I have to travel on business and my days will be long with little opportunity to work out.  In the end it will all workout.  The one thing I can assure everyone is that I am not a quitter.


One last thing – As you all know, I am racing Kona for Greg Morris.  He is one of my dearest friends.   Though I can’t see him yet, I hope to soon.  I plan on supporting him as much as he as supported me for the last 27 years.