Hello February!  I took a month off to re-energize and do some deep thinking.  I was able to deal with some things that were really weighing heavy on me.  I feel great!!  My biggest accomplishment/decision in January was hiring a new coach, Alison Freeman!  I am excited to be partnering with her as I gear up for a great, no epic, year!  So excited and thankful to everyone that donated and to the Ironman Foundation.

So, February 1st found me on a “swim” day.  I spent  11 hours at work, then headed to the gym for 1200 meters in the pool.  It felt great!  I feel good.  I do have to lose some weight though.  Taking a month off created some bad habits like “Starbucks.”  I am slowly trying to eliminate Chia Tea from my daily intake.  Let’s see if I can drop 8 pounds this month.  Hopefully. 

I’m back!  Here is a great picture my son/husband took of me with their amazing new drone.