Always glad that it is Friday – end of the long week and looking forward to a glass of wine (since no drinking during the weekdays)!  However, this Friday I kept thinking about the swim I had after work.  I wasn’t necessarily excited, but for the first time I wasn’t regretting it.  I have this training set that actually seems to make swimming not boring.  I don’t seem to mind it too much.  On top of that, I had Taylor and Russ swimming too in the lanes next to me (one on each side).  It is possible that I am starting to like swimming …. well, at least a little.

Looking back on the week, I got this incredible arrangement of flowers from some friends (THANK YOU AMY AND DAWN)!  The flowers are so incredibly beautiful.  The flowers came with a card congratulating me on making it the Ironman Kona!  The fact that someone gave me flowers for achieving a dream of making it to Kona makes me want to focus even more on my training.