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Pinch Me!

Here we are with 9 more days until the end of the year and I find myself $2,000 away from going to Kona!  It has frozen me in my tracks because I just can’t believe it.  People I have been working with for almost a year are coming through with donations to the Ironman Foundation.  I am so thankful and grateful they feel the donation is for a worthy cause.  I certainly do.

Last night my plan was to sit down and write emails to 20 people as I can’t stop now, right.  This last $2,000 may be the hardest.  Russ and I decided to grab something to eat out because I refused another night of leftovers.  We went to a nice restaurant and sat down in the bar for some food and wine.  I joked that we should go to a movie instead (heck it was practically next door).  As he looked at the menu, he glanced up and said “want to?”  Yes!  We got up and walked to the movie, picked one and walked in right when it was starting.  We saw Manchester by the Sea, sad but good.  So, as I sit here early in the morning trying to get some things done I have to say it was worth it.  Good time just holding Russ’ hand watching a movie (with a glass of wine and a brat)!

Thank you for those that follow me and have made a donation.  I’m so close and just can’t believe it!



For all that actually follow me, yes Russ and the kids got home from South America.  They had such a great time.  The first few days all they did was sleep and wake at odd hours.  Russ ended up sleeping over 15 hours straight.  I guess not sleeping in a bed for two weeks comes with much needed catch-up time.

This past weekend all the kids were home since the 3 older boys will be gone for Christmas.   It was such a great weekend to spend time with them all.   I love my Family so much!

A Few Minutes of Love

As a Mom, I know when one of the kids are sick what to do and how to help them feel better.

As a wife, I know when my husband is sick how to comfort him and what he needs.

Last night I thought I needed to go to the hospital.  I actually don’t ever remember being so violently ill with stomach pains.  I laid in the bathroom for over 5 hours.  I missed Russ so much.  I am not sure if he would have known what to do, but I do know he would have taken care of me.

Morning came and I am pretty sure I had slept less than an hour.  I tried to get up, get dressed and get Grayson to school.  No chance.  I was laying in bed wondering if Uber was a way to get Gray to school?  Around 7:30 Gray woke up on his own and I heard him say “YES” and get super excited that today was a Snow Day!  Then he came in and crawled in bed with me bringing all his stuffed animals.   I told him I had been really sick and was having trouble getting dressed, but there was no Snow Day.  After realizing I wasn’t joking with him, he hugged me and gave me his favorite bear.  He just laid in bed with me and Eva.

I knew Gray was just hoping I would never get up so he wouldn’t have to go to school!  I did not care.  He was giving me a little love and felt sad that I was sick.  It was such a nice minute or two, until he asked me what was for breakfast!!

Oh yea, back to being a Mom!

Russ owes me!!

A Brave New World

I remember back in college (oh so long ago), a professor had us read the book Brave New World and then write a term paper on if we thought our world was civilized or not.  I won’t go into details about my opinion or writings; however, I will tell you I got an A in the class.  I am not sure why, but I was thinking about that paper this morning around 2 AM.  Perhaps it is because I am about to embark upon my own brave new world.

The realization has set in that it will be a while before Greg, my business partner for over 27 years,  is back to work.  I have spent the last 6 weeks trying to burn the candle at both ends and be everything to everyone, but I feel like I am falling short.  Inside I am on the verge of a complete emotional breakdown.   My husband is off in Patagonia for 17 days and I am all alone (well, not really I have Grayson, Matt and Eva) struggling to keep myself composed.   I “disappointed” and let down a friend, broker, at the office and I spent all night stressing about how to make him feel better.  I feel like curling up in a corner, yet I realize I can’t people need me.

No interim leader can take Greg’s place or our incredible friendship.  But, I do believe we have found someone that will be a new friend.  Greg has laid an incredible foundation!  I am going to be brave and trust that I am headed down the right path.  I wish I could tell each and every person at the office just how much I need them and how much they mean to me.  My new world will not be rewarding without them.  I hope they trust me enough to know, I have their back.

Yea it’s December!

I think December is one of the best months of the year!  I love the Christmas music, the lights, warming up after a long cold walk and the festive mood of all.   There is something else special about December – people give back more than any other month of the year.  I have commitments that get me halfway to my goal.  I am working hard to get “starting line” of Kona!  A special thank you to everyone that has given to my Quest for Kona and the Ironman Foundation!


30 Days – Can I Count on You?

Sometimes you have to send the family away in order to make some progress.  Anyways, that is my story as I sent my husband off for 17 days to Torres Del Paine.  He, and three of the kids, will be hiking Patagonia for 2 weeks.  I, on the other hand, will be trying to convince everyone why they should donate to my cause.  The list is long and I feel more passion than ever toward my fundraising.

My goal is $50,000 which I need to hit prior to December 31st in order to get to the World Ironman Championships in Kona for 2017.  The money I raise goes to so many great causes like grants for organizations that support all Ironman races through volunteering, Meals on Wheels, Make a Wish and First Responders to name a few.  The mission of the Ironman Foundation is to leave the Ironman legacy through philanthropy, volunteerism and grant making by supporting various athletic, community, education, health, human services and public benefit organizations.

Also, if you haven’t heard, I will be racing in 2017 for Greg Morris!  He has a long road ahead of him and I will be supporting him through our friendship, by pushing him and challenging him to work hard even though it will hurt like hell and be hard.

Continue to visit my blog for updates as I prepare for Ironman Boulder prior to Kona.  For now, however, please consider making a donation and sponsoring my cause.  Thank you!churchhill-quote1


Thanksgiving (and Anniversary)

Russ and I should get a talking to.  We both forgot it was our Anniversary until the morning of and then it was a little late as we had made plans.  Russ took Grayson to the Nuggets game as one of his birthday presents and I planned on working late (which I did)!  We did, however, celebrate our Anniversary on Wednesday with a really nice evening of dinner and a movie (Dr. Strange).   We had a really nice time.

Matthew and Caroline (his girlfriend) came home for Thanksgiving.  We had such a nice time.  We split up the dinner menu with our good friend and neighbor, Marty, being in charge of the turkey, stuffing and gravy.  It was awesome.  Russ even disappeared a few times during the day to go check on “Marty!”  (aka watch football and have a drink)!  The day began with a nice walk at Cherry Creek Reservoir and ended with a movie!  Perfect.img_0994img_0997thanksgiving

A Security Blanket

I realized today how much everyone at the office misses Greg.  At lunch, a good friend told me that Greg is like a security blanket.  If he ever needed anything, he knew Greg was there.  Now, that blanket isn’t around and it is scary.  Greg means so much to many of us.   I got to speak to Michele in length today.  It was so good to hear her voice and talk.  She is an incredibly strong woman.   I truly hope they get home soon.


A World Record Broken!

20161120_104312-003After taking a 3.5 mile walk with my husband carrying his backpack (for his upcoming trip to Patagonia) and my dog,  I spent the day working and watching Ironman Arizona live.  Such a cool event and I wish I was there.   I did get to see Lionel Sanders of Canada cross the finish line of IMAZ and set a World Record of 7:44:29!  Never in the history of Ironman has there been a better time!  How cool.  I can’t imagine.  For those of you who know me, I just want to break 16 hours!

Last night I had another dream with Greg in it.  In this dream, he was giving me advice on the office move.  It has been weighing on me because we only have so many offices and a lot of great people.  I did get the criteria down on paper which makes me feel good about that.  Greg has definitely taught me well.  I think just like him!

I spent three hours today working on donations by writing personal emails.  I have a lot of work ahead of me.  If you are reading this and wondering what to give then 1) thank you for visiting my blog and 2) my goal is $50,000.  Any amount you give is appreciated and will Make a Difference.  I am really working hard to see if my employer will sponsor me.  I reflect that in my 29 years of employment, I have never asked the Company for a donation.  The Company has given ten of thousands of dollars to Craig Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Diabetes, etc. so I am hopeful this will be a cause they can get behind.   I am crossing my fingers, praying and not giving up!  I can reach my goal and hope you might be able to help.

I may have missed Ironman Arizona today, but I will not miss Ironman Kona!  Keep tuning into my blog and following me.  Thanks so much!

Snap Out of It

It is time for me to look ahead and stop being depressed.  I have a goal to reach and I am doing it!  I looked at my goal that I set at the beginning of the year, and now it is time to achieve it!  Greg Morris taught me to write down my goals and look at them each month so I would be on track.  He taught me so much and became my dearest friend.  I have spent the last 30 days mourning for Greg and the unknown haunting me each night.  Now, as he lay in ICU in Madrid, Spain fighting for so much, I am going to snap out of it!

I want to share a memory.  When Matt was 16 years old, I was struggling through a divorce and feeling sorry for myself.  At one point, Greg straightened me out.  He sat down with me and said, “Kristine, you have to get your f ing shit together!  Your life isn’t over and your son needs you!  You have a good job and great friends.  I will help you, but pull yourself together and you will get through this!”  He was firm and that is just what I needed.

So, this is it – I am getting my act together as Greg has always taught me and I am going to achieve my goal!   My 2017 race season is for GREG MORRIS and when I make it to Kona (with all your help), I pray that Greg and his wife, Michele, will be in Kona with me.  I will race for him and hope when I cross the line, he is there with my husband and kids.

My postscommitment1 will be more regular now.  I have $50,000 to raise for a very worthy cause.

Commitment to Community and Greg!


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